The Question Is…

I was given the honor of posting the first substantial contribution to our shiny new forum on Government, Politics and Faith…and promptly drew a blank.  Perhaps it was the result of the growing amount of work in other areas of my life, or perhaps it was the pressure of writing the FIRSTpost to attempt to live up to the high ideals we have laid out for this forum; regardless of the why, the result was the definite: no words would come. 

Finally an article about the Economy struck a chord, and I found words once again.  Although I did attempt to impart my thoughts on the current trend in California politics to embrace financial ruin in favor of continued government spending, since crafting that initial post I have had the opportunity to reflect on the grander vision for this blog.  While we don’t want to take ourselves too seriously, I think that Lang would agree with me when I say that I would like to see this experiment aspire to greater heights than another day-to-day political commentary blog.  Nothing against those forums (I read several of them), but there are plenty of those already, and it is our goal to accomplish something else here.  We want to examine the real differences between our political worldviews, especially as enlightened by our faith in the same Savior.  A certain amount of political commentary will necessarily be involved in such a discussion, but it will not be the scope of the discourse here held. 

With that in mind, I offer this as a restart, a better version of what should have been initially.  The Coke you ordered, rather than the Pepsi you were mistakenly given.  And to kick us off, I think it would be best to start at the very beginning, and address the elephant in the room by asking this question:

What is Government for, and what would such a vision look like in the America today?


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