Tea and let them eat cake

Happy Tax Day, all!

Whether you’ve chosen to observe the day by dutifully filing your taxes, sending in an actual paper check to the government through the US Postal Service (how delightful antiquated of you!), or held a tea party to protest government infringement of your liberty, we wish you a wonderful day!

And though we know you really want to watch us go back and forth on whether or not President Obama handled the Somali pirate incident well, or if Senator McCain really did diss Governor Palin on Leno, today we want to hear from you.

Taxes: good?  bad?  necessary?

Whether you want to rant and rail, discuss your utopian ideal, or speculate on President Obama’s promised overhaul of our “monstrous” tax code, start speculating in our comments section!

Please!  The long absence of posts is mostly due to the fact that (1) we’re both full time teachers and it’s AP test season right now and (2) Lang’s master’s thesis is due on 1 May and she’s been shackled to her Word files for weeks.  Give us a distraction!



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3 responses to “Tea and let them eat cake

  1. Necessary, but should be MUCH less than they are. I’ve also heard some interesting arguments for why we should only have sales tax instead of income tax. I’m not quite ready to take a stand on that position, but it does hold quite a lot of appeal. I’d love to hear both of you tackle that one, actually. 🙂

    Today I am happy that, due to our insane mortgage payment and our choice to give a lot of our income away, we did NOT have to pay the government anything (they’re giving it all back). Since I object to much of how tax dollars are currently being spent (subsidizing planned parenthood, etc.) I’m very pleased that my dollars went to fund pro-life and pro-Christ groups instead!

  2. Tim

    I agree with Emily. Only I had to send a large check to the government.

  3. evelynbakerlang

    Have no fear, dear Tim, I too had to write a substantial check to the government. As much as I hoped the president’s tax promises would come through for us this year, I guess a few months is too soon for such a thing (though I am encouraged by his cryptic speech on a new tax code today).

    A good friend of mine said today “dear government, here’s my money. Please don’t use it to kill anybody.” Indeed. Unborn or born.

    Although history gives me pause. I’m not a fan of handing over a lot of money I’d like to spend on much more fun or even necessary things, I still rejoice that I am not an ancient Egyptian with an unscrupulous tax farmer knocking on my door today, or a medieval serf who must guess at the largesse of my new manorial lord to know if my children will eat this winter.

    Not that it makes handing a big check over any more fun, of course.

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