A World in Crisis?

Everyone & everywhere on the internet is talking about the latest panic: Swine Flu.  Although it hasn’t become a pandemic, apparently the potential is there.  Those who aren’t worrying about the latest virus to come down the pike remind us that we’re facing doom at the hands of a changing environment, which scientists are now saying may swing cold, rather than hot (this makes sense to me…if, as the esteemed Al Gore has said, the “earth has a fever” we should expect temperature swings…when I have a fever, I feel hot and cold simultaneously…although, somehow, I don’t think that’s what he meant…)

The bottom line is, between saber rattling, boycotts, the climate, disease, the economy, Presidential photo-ops, political upheaval, border relationsetc…it’s a scary world.

The United States is a leader in this scary world; some might say the most powerful leader, some would say we have lost our position as the most influential nation.  Regardless of where we sit in the global pecking order, the question that faces us is obvious: what is our responsibility when the world is faced with a crisis?  Do we make it our own, or do we close-up shop in the troubled nations and keep doing business where it’s still profitable?

We pose this question to our readers: what is America’s role in times of global crisis?  Should we use our abundance to help those struggling?  Is the first responsibility of our government to protect we, the citizens?  Should we be led to sacrifice and provide for those in need around the world by our government, or should this be reserved for private citizens?  Is international aid even feasible for private citizens, or are the problems we face so large they must be entrusted to the government?  Is Xenophobia the only good phobia?  We want to hear your thoughts!


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