Our New Home

We are now a feature of the re-designed Evangelical Outpost.  You can find our blogs here.  We hope you continue to follow our discussions, and that you engage us in the debates that follow.  Thanks for your support!



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2 responses to “Our New Home

  1. Is there a way to subscribe to your posts on EO, without getting everyone’s posts? I’d love to keep following you but I can’t stand EO’s format and I definitely don’t have time to wade through everything written there. Thanks!

  2. evelynbakerlang

    Have you checked EO since yesterday? They completely redesigned the website (believe me, we would not have made the move otherwise!) Now on the website homepage, you need only click on RML (the far right on the top toolbar) to find us! There’s also a window at the bottom of the main page that posts the latest post from us (today: Souter! Souter!). Let me know if there’s a way to make it easier for you!

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